Degree in Linguistics, Moscow State Linguistic University (1996-2001)

Postgraduate Studies in Translation and Informatic Treatment, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (2005-2006)

Master’s Degree in Psychocreativity, Autonomy University of Barcelona (2007-2009; 2016-2018)

Course in Therapeutic Work with Dreams with Quim Mesalles, Espailudic-Escola Gestalt Catalunya (2005-2007)

Course in Gestalt Therapy, Espailudic-Escola Gestalt Catalunya (2006-2008; 2014-2015)

Training in Astrologic Psychology (confection of the natal charts) with Josefina Diaz, Equilibri Interior, Barcelona (2015)

Course in Systemic Family Constellations with Cristina Santa Olalla-Adell, Equilibri Interior, Barcelona (2015-2016)

Attendance to the multiple trainings in Systemic Family Constellations in diverse themes with Joan Garriga, Institut Gestalt; Psychomagic with Cristóbal Jodorowski; PNL with Vicens Olive; Self-esteem with Carina Casanovas. (2005-2015)

I am using a mix of all these technics, applying creativity in every moment of the therapy.