I was born in Moscow and lived there till 25. I always had a desire to live for some time abroad, it seemed to me an important experience for the personal development. I had abilities for the languages and after finishing my degree in Linguistics, I decided to look for the opportunity to go to live a new experience. Who knew at that time that my studies in Intercultural Communications would be auspicious and later on I will live in different countries, travel around the world and get married to a foreigner. The destiny led me to win a grant and I moved to Barcelona for a postgraduate study in 2005. It was a way to find myself in a new environment.

Here, in Barcelona, started my acquaintance with the Gestalt therapy. Right on the corner of the place where I lived was situated Gestalt Institute and a little bit further Espailudic-Catalonian School of Gestalt and I started to find out the information I never knew before. I started to attend the seminars and conferences until it absorbed me completely. I was fascinated with the discovers I was doing about myself and the world. I have to say it was a lonely period in a new country and I was finding out “me and myself” were best companions. I started a course for Therapeutic Work with Dreams by Quim Mesalles and later on for the Gestalt Therapy. I started working in Gestalt Institute and was attending workshops and seminars in Family Systems Constellations by Joan Garriga, and it seemed to me magical, powerful and heeling. Seminars with Cristobal Jodorowski topped up my knowledge in psychogenealogy and the importance of the happenings in our family system. All this was happening parallel to the changes in my own personality, the inner structure I had had created until that moment. I finished two more postgraduate studies: in Creative Communication and Psychology of Creativity in Autonoma University of Barcelona.

Creativity and communication are two talents I have, my two strong parts that I needed to develop and psychology has always been a passion. I like to be creative when giving my therapy and have the capacity to adjust myself to “here and now” and go with the flow. Until today my education as a therapist is not ceasing and I think it is necessary to be actualized in such a quick changing environment. I have travelled a lot, lived in different countries and I am grateful to this experience in my life, for having made friends around the world, for finding myself once and once again in a different environment, for learning about me and about the world, opening my horizons, getting to know other cultures, beliefs and modes of living. It’a a precious present for me. Nowadays I live in Barcelona and travel from time to time to Russia to give my seminars and workshops there and meet my family and friends.

I speak russian, english, spanish and catalan languages and offer therapy in all these languages.

I consider myself a spiritual, positive, curious person, emotional, empathic, compassionate, with strong intuition, an observer with an ability to read between the lines.

My values in life and my vision of happiness are as follows:

personal (self awareness and self consciousness, respect for oneself and for others, correct self-esteem, take care of oneself, healthy food, healthy body, wellness, sports, being ecological in all the ways, good rest, spend time with family, spend time outdoors and with nature)

family (healthy relationship with the life partner, with the family of origin, kids)

self-realization (profession, mission, meaningful life, contributing to the world)

social sphere (friends, social life, traveling, sharing experiences).

I am married and have two children.