Gestalt is a humanistic type of therapy which is based on the developing a potential of a human being. The client opens his new resources with the help of the therapist and amplifies consciousness and knowledge about him/herself. The term of the “insight” is used a lot and is very important in the therapeutic process.  As far as taking the responsibility of one’s own actions and feelings. To make something conscious (the qualities or traits of character, conduct or patterns of relationships) is a great step in therapeutical process. The next step is to take the responsibility and willingness to make a change. My mission as a therapist is to accompany a client in his/her therapeutic process and to be a “flashlight” on this way so that together we can find the way out of the the maze and my client can continue walking fortified and with more resources than before.

What themes can I deal in therapy?

Practically all themes involving a normal life of a human being.  It is natural for people to try to solve the difficulties using his/her own resources, but there are moments when these resources are not sufficient and it is necessary to ask for help of a professional. Even a psychologist or psychotherapist needs help and vision of another colleague-specialist due to the shadow zones which are common in every person. More to it a good professional carries his own therapeutic process and takes difficult cases to the supervision with the colleagues.

These are some examples of the issues you can take to therapy:

  • health issues
  • solitude
  • problems to find a partner in life
  • conflicts within the couple
  • stress
  • anxiousness
  • low self esteem
  • relationships with the relatives
  • absence of the sense in life
  • eating disorders
  • sexuality
  • maternity
  • etc…



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