Dreams are an important part of our life. We pass one third of our life in the oneiric world. Sensations and emotions we feel when we wake up and remember a dream are very important as they have to do with the real situations.

Establishing the bridge between the unconscious of the dreams and the conscious of our daily life, we can live a fuller life, putting the light on our obscure and unconscious part. Premonitory, lucid dreams, nightmares, repetitive, telepathic dreams  – they all have a purpose and a sense.

You can obtain a lot of benefits when taking to therapy your dreams: understand better the significance of your dreams, get rid of nightmares, repetitive dreams, put light on your obscure part, take decisions in your professional, personal and social life, taking into considerations the message of the dreams, get connected with your internal guide, decodify the message you get through the dreams, amplify your consciousness and discover the processes that happen in your internal world, learn to elaborate your own symbols dictionary.

Dreams can be worked individually or in the group. The price for the individual dreams therapy is the same as the individual session. For the group dreams therapy consult the link “Courses and workshops”. If you are a group of friends, workmates, etc. and want to do something different, send me an e-mail and we will elaborate a personalized proposal with the dates, prices and place, so you can learn all together from your dreams and get to know each other better.

If you have any questions or doubts you can always contact me on my e-mail or call me for further information.

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