We all come from a mother and a father, who in their turn come from their respective family systems. Family History produces a greater influence on the individual, than we can imagine. And this influence is the more powerful the less consciousness we put into it.

Familiar Constellations is a type of therapy, that has to be with the facts and happenings in our family system, many times in the previous generations. It is a very deep therapy and the effect that it produces is equal to the wave that cures different branches of the genealogical tree at a time. There are several laws that rule in the family systems (ex. a specific order, hierarchy, the importance of inclusion of the excluded members of the family) and if one of these laws is infringed, the order is broken, creating thus a knot, where the energy is blocked. My work as a therapist is to help to my client as far as possible to restore the order, unblocking the genealogical knots and permitting the energy from the ancestors to flow.



Family Constellations can be conducted in the group or individually. Not everyone is capable to open him/herself to a group of unknown people.That’s why I offer the individual constellations that are done with the insoles or small action figures, but it can be done with practically everything, even with the blank pages.

An individual work is very introspective, and also very confidencial, my client and me solely treat the case. For this type of therapy I ask my client to draw the genealogical tree (until the generation that one can gather information). There you can see very clearly the knots, where the disorder took place, as well as the excluded members of the family, coincidences in the dates of birth, death, etc. There arises a lot of forgotten information, which is necessary for the personal work and healing.

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