Lunar eclipse on the 23-d of March 2016

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First of all let’s clarify what an eclipse is. An eclipse is a shadow that casts one object in the space on another. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. For this to happen the Sun, Earth, and Moon must be closely aligned with the Moon. There are a few different types of Lunar Eclipse that are determined by the quality and quantity of the to the shadow of the Earth: total, penumbral and umbral. The Eclipse can occur only on a full Moon and can be viewed only from certain regions of the earth. Although specialists do not recommend to look at the eclipses and say it can even damage the sight. On the 23-d of March there took place a penumbral lunar eclipse.

On the natal chart the eclipse will be reflected like this (see the below picture). The Moon and the Sun are identified by red colors. That means that a child who born at the moment of the eclipse on the 23 d of March will have this natal chart. Here you can graphically see that there is an opposition between the two luminaries.


I would like to share with you an interesting fact. I started this blog the day of the Eclipse, or if to be more exact once finalized the corridor of the eclipses that started on the 9th of March and finished on the 23d of March. Below you can see the picture from my window the night 23-24 of March, although the last eclipse took place during the day 11:48 GMT time, 14:48 Moscow time. For me it means going on the new level. The beginning of the new cycle. The Moon is a feminine planet. In the natal chart represents the emotional world, a woman, a mother, a wife, the children. The Moon influences much more women than men. It is well known that even the quantity of births rise dramatically during the fool Moon. It is good to know that the eclipses are the good period for renewing, for spiritual cleaning of our inner self (negative guidelines, out of dated customs, non productive relationships). Also the eclipses take on the surface the hidden potential and give the courage to implement it in life. Eclipses are the time for change, becoming conscious of one’s own limitations, symbolic death and resurrection.

Lunar eclipse

Also I would like to highlight an interesting fact that this lunar eclipse is finalizing the period initiated by a Sun Eclipse in October 2005. In other words everything you started in October 2005 is now coming to its logical finalization. For me it’s very symbolic because in October 2005 I arrived to Barcelona and started studying psychotherapy, dreams, astrology and all these alternative therapies, I will be describing in this blog. For me finalized a period of getting and ccumulationg the knowledge and is opened a new one of sharing them. I advise you to see what is it that you are finalizing now after 11 years and what is the new stage you want to initiate.


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